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AAPC Coder Complete provides all the coding and reimbursement tools needed for inpatient coders, outpatient coders and CDI experts. Quickly view the OPPS fee schedules for freestanding ASCs and hospital based outpatient services in one place. For each CPT® code, you can identify the applicable modifiers, status indicators and payment indicators. For procedures that require devices, you can view if there is a credit adjustment policy for the device. Avoid bundling and determine proper modifier use by using the Medicare OPPS CCI checker for up to 25 codes at one time. The cross-reference tools allow you to forward and backward map CPT® to ICD-9-CM Volume 1 and 3, ICD-9-CM Volume 1 to ICD-10-CM and ICD-9-CM Volume 1 to the appropriate DRG options. Easily identity the DRG options, including CC and MCC, for each ICD-9-CM Volume 1 code.

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APC look up provides necessary detail on one page including long descriptor, payment and coverage info and more.

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CPT Assistant
CPT® Assistant is the official word from the AMA on proper CPT® code usage. AAPC Coder's Code Connect add-on allows you to search all CPT® Assistant articles from 1990 to present by CPT® code to narrow the options to only related articles for quick coding guidance.

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Coding Clinic
The HCPCS Coding Clinic delivers the official guidance published quarterly by the American Hospital Association (AHA) Central Office on correct HCPCS level II code usage. Each issue offers consistent and accurate advice for the proper use of HCPCS and includes information on HCPCS reporting for hospitals HCPCS Level 1 (CPT®) and Level II codes, the latest code assignments from emerging technologies, and real examples.

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CPT 99393, Under Established Patient Preventive Medicine Services

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code 99393 as maintained by American Medical Association, is a medical procedural code under the range - Established Patient Preventive Medicine Services.

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May 02, 2019
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October 31, 2018
Preventive medicine services, or “well visits,” are evaluation and management (E/M) services provided to a patient without a chief complaint. The reason for the visit is not an illness or injury (... [ Read More ]
October 01, 2017
Follow best practices to meet annual exam documentation requirements. By Ellen Risotti-Hinkle, CPC, CPC-I, CPMA, CEMC, CFPC, CIMC, CSCG, AAPC Fellow Unlike other evaluation and management (E/M) servic... [ Read More ]
November 01, 2015
Part 2: Proper documentation is a must for modifiers. Modifiers are a common source for outpatient coding errors. Modifiers 25 and 59 are misapplied so often, claims with these modifiers are automatic... [ Read More ]
June 09, 2014
Here are three tips to help you report preventive medicine services successfully. Tip 1: Diagnosis Must Reflect the Reason for Visit Always match preventive medicine codes with an appropriate diagnosi... [ Read More ]
Hello, My boss wants us to charge a 99213 any time a pt gets a med rx or rx to therapy. She said those are automatically level 3s. I told her that MDM is the main driver of the e/m levels, and just b/... [ Read More ]
When quantifying the number of diagnosis in Chart A of MDM on the audit tool I am unable to find guidance as to how to combine or count separate each diagnosis. For example a patient with liver disea... [ Read More ]
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Hey all, Can anyone clarify on this: If a SNF patient is admitted to the hospital for 4 days and then returns to the SNF, can the SNF provider bill 99318 once they see the pnt back in the SNF? Is th... [ Read More ]
If it IS the initial visit in the hospital and happens to be critical care-99291 instead of the normal 99221-99223, would you still put the Modifier AI on it if the doc was the admitting or does it on... [ Read More ]
If patient presents with a skin lesion that is biopsied same day, but is also assessed for cherry angioma during the visit, our providers will bill the biopsy as well as E/M related to cherry angioma.... [ Read More ]
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