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Aneurysm of splenic artery (442.83)

ICD-9 code 442.83 for Aneurysm of splenic artery is a medical classification as listed by WHO under the range -DISEASES OF ARTERIES, ARTERIOLES, AND CAPILLARIES (440-449).

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Code Descriptor and Instructional Notes
Aneurysm of splenic artery

Includes: aneurysm (ruptured) (cirsoid) (false) (varicose)

aneurysmal varix

Excludes: arteriovenous aneurysm or fistula:

acquired (447.0)

congenital (747.60-747.69)

traumatic (900.0-904.9)

ICD-9-CM Subcategories/Subclassifications
Category Notes
Chapter Specific Coding Guidelines
CC Exclusion List
Claims Edits
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